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Monday, January 24, 2011

How to count it?

I've been logging my food for a few weeks in an effort to jump-start my weight loss.  You probably remember that I've been bitching about it a bit on my blog.  I really don't mind logging my food except for the fact that it makes me feel like I'm dieting.  Yesterday is a perfect example because we had a pot luck at church.  I have no idea how to log what I ate.  I feel like I didn't overeat.  I put a tablespoon or so of each thing I want on my plate plus a half cup of the vegetarian baked beans I brought and then nibbled on everything.  I ate about half of what was on my plate - probably a cup of food in total.  I also had a piece of pie.

But for some reason when I got home I ate some Hershey Kisses that they were handing out at the potluck.  There were four of them in a little bag.  I think the reason I ate them was that I knew I couldn't log my food and I felt like, "Well, screw it!".  It was the classic reaction to a release of the "rules" that I've experienced 100 times in the past.  I would follow the diet faithfully, but if something different came up that didn't jive with the diet rules, I'd just eat whatever I wanted.

It is very weird to see how far I've come and then realize how close I still am to the person I used to be.  For the record, I know my total day's calories were reasonable.  I didn't continue overeating after the Kisses.  I also got a fair amount of exercise.  I don't feel bad or guilty about what happened.  I just think it is interesting and maybe a little scary to think that I can so easily slip back into old habits. 


Joia said...

It IS scary...and I hate logging my food as well. There are days when I step on the scale in the morning, see a gain from the day before when I KNOW I ate well and exercised (and, therefore, expected a loss) and then say "screw it" and eat my LapBand heart out for the day just to spite the scale. In my intelligent brain, it makes no sense. Having lost as much weight as we have, you'd think our brains would start to condition themselves to the new lifestyle we've tried to leave.

Ronnie said...

I sometimes like to think that obesity really isn't a disease we can shake just by losing weight, or even "cure," but it's a lifetime commitment to make healthy choices. That keeps me in check, because I've seen people who failed their bands and I don't want to end up there!

Not that I'm saying you have or are going to by any means!! That's just where my mind went when I read your post. Potlucks are a big test for us bandsters, and it sounds like you did really well. I hope I do half as well when I encounter my next one. :)

tessierose said...

If it's stressful for you than don't do it. You are doing so good, but your weight loss is going to slow down, because you're so close to your new goal. Hang in there. When I go to a pot luck, I count 50 calories for a tablespoonful, no matter what it is, I figure it evens out pretty good.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Amanda! I know just what you mean! YES! I DID go back to my old habits and put over 20 pounds back on! ugh! And this is a crack up! I was so nevous and worked up before my show- I ate some hershey kisses!
I don't think i have been that scared in my life! well... maybe thats exagerating .... but , I was so scared! And it showed. It was an awful show. I just need to do better next time.
Have a pretty day!

Shannon said...

I hate potlucks! they squeeze every amount of temptation they can get out of me! If I go to one I get some salad if there is one. and whatever meat they have (just a little). I also down a ton of water before hand.

I have an award for you on my blog :)

Amanda said...

I've been debating if I should log my calorie/protein intake in when I am able to finally start eating "real" food. Do you find it helpful or is it more of a pain than it is worth??

Lee Ann said...

That's why I hate logging things. It just doesn't seem like it should be necessary. Then again, I'm not normal. So....I've toyed with the idea of only logging things that are "stop" or "slow down" foods. Such as not logging grilled chicken or carrots but logging pie. I haven't ever tried this but....maybe I'll try it if I lose all my appeals. Sounds like your portions were reasonable and you weren't overstuffed. I used to limit myself to 5 Kisses a day when I did WW so IDK why you're feeling guilty about that. :)

Gen said...

You know how I feel about dieting behaviors...but right now I am logging my food to stay on track for a while, and strangely enough it is not the big chore or big oppressive task it used to be. I think because my restriction is finally so good, I have nothing to fear when its time to log calories.

If its really bugging you, you know you don't have to do it. Or keep doing it and remain aware, like you are now, of old behaviors.

I think it doesn't have to be like dieting either. I eat whatever I want, as long as I get in enough protein and stick to around 1200 calories. There is nothing with Hershey's Kisses as long as you are not binging on them. It can be a positive thing - seeing how chocolate or whatever can fit into your daily life. KWIM?

Robin said...

I like TessieRose's idea of 50 calories a tablespoon. Also, I don't log veggies, my coffee (with creamer), or my sugar-free popcicles. I don't stress over exact recipes. If I eat lasagna, I choose one of the lasagna's on FitDay that looks about average calorically and call it good. I don't stress about if my lasagna has whole wheat noodles, sausage, or what kind of cheese. I grab a number and go for it. As long as I don't consciously round down "all the time", I'm good. I may be an oddball, but I don't mind logging my food. In fact, on some level, it's great for me because I often pass by certain foods (mostly packaged or fast) because I resent using so.many.calories for that!

Tina said...

Oh Amanda-exactly how I have been feeling since hitting goal. Potlucks are usually OK for me but i would totally lose it when I got home..almost like I could only be good so long and needed to break the rules to relax.


To Band or not To Band? said...

I am hearing you! I feel exactly the same. My dietician is like, "Don't count calories, you had this done to stop that diet mentality", but I am not losing weight - so what choice do I have?

-Grace- said...

It is really scary to notice how easily one can slip back to the old habits without even so much as a thought!

Great post, as usual :)