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Monday, February 21, 2011

Have you ever searched "tight" on google images?

I wanted an image to go along with the post and apparently "tight" is a dirty word, or at least Google Images says it is.  So I'm going with kitten stuck in a tight spot:

My band's tight!  I don't know why.  I'm not stressed.  It isn't TOM.  I don't have a cold.  I don't think there've been any changes in the barometric pressure.  My band is just tight.  It just is.  There's no reason.

I THOUGHT that my tight band caused me to eat lightly yesterday, but it did not.  I managed 1,400 calories.  Damn, ice cream has a lot of calories! 

This week is shaping up to be a little hectic.  My daughter's 10th birthday is Monday, 2/28 and we are having as many as four extra 10-year-olds sleeping over Friday night.  I don't get paid until Thursday and I won't have a car that day (the fella will have it) AND he works all evening SO I'm not sure when I will be purchasing food for the extra kids to eat.  I am trying to convince my mom to come over and help me straighten up Thursday night.  Maybe she can take me to the store?

We'll be having a family dinner next Monday night.  My daughter wants spaghetti and bread for dinner and make-your-own sundaes.  

Anywhoozle...I'm rambling!  I just wanted to post SOMETHING!  Have a great rest of your Monday!  


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I am sure the sleepover will be great! Good luck with the girls....could be worse and be crazy 10 year old boys :)

Drazil said...

Haha - no more searching tight for you!

Joey said...

are you going too long without food? That will make me extra tight!

Bonnie said...

Damn ice cream!

Lee Ann said...

no, i have never image googled the word "tight" but now i might have to. lol. and OMG, our kids have the same bday! 2/28. we are having a pizza party this friday. have fun with the sleepover. :)

Rachel said...

I think spaghetti, bread and make your own sundaes sounds like a fantastic 10 year old party!
I hope she has a blast.

Anonymous said...

I hate that ice cream has so many calories. Know what else does? Those 100 calorie snack packs...when you eat several of them. :)

Something About Kellie said...

Ice cream seems to have replaced milk coffees for me :( next I will be posting about having to give that up too!! Of course I will wait til the scales stall .... one step at a time!

Oh and my partner always gives me a funny look when I say I am feeling tight - he always seems to look at me and then little lower down if you know what I mean!! MEN!

Tina said... the tight reference and then the tight comments! :) haha...My husband just asked what i was laughing about and went to look!.

I like it when my kids ask for spaghetti-cheap and easy to make! yippeee :)


Ronnie said...

Teehee - tight. =P Sorry.

I hope your party goes well, a bunch of giggling 10-year-olds? Oh, the drama. I think you should buy a bottle of wine for yourself that night.

Amy W. said...

One time at work I was googling images of flags for a project. I googled Brazilian and forgot to add 'flag' to the end of it...and yes...up popped a whole bunch of pictures of cooters.

Close call!

Janelle said...

cute kitty :) I am a sucker for any kitty picture so just continue posting those for all your posts... haha

Shannon said...

lol, I had to google it. all I have to say is wow!
Have fun with the girls!