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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weigh Day

Today is my official weigh-day and I am down 3.6 lbs. (1.63 kg.). This brings me to 49 lbs. (22.2 kg.) total and a weight of 231 lbs. (104.7 kg.). I would probably be more excited if I hadn't weighed myself last Monday before my unfill and seen an unofficial 229 (103 kg.). I know I have told several people I'd lost more than 50 lbs. (22.6 kg.). True I hadn't eaten for more than three days at that point and I'd also had difficulty getting liquids down, but I certainly haven't been eating a WEIGHT-GAINING diet since then so I hoped I'd be able to keep that loss. Sigh.

When I convert my weight to kilos, it doesn't seem like it makes so much difference. Maybe I should start using kilos all the time. Also I am close to double-digits in kilos. Is there a special name (ala Onederland) for double-digit weights? For those who are wondering, 220.25 lbs. = 99.9 kg. I'm thinking of a name like "Double D" or "DD-town". Any ideas?

At least one person noticed that I changed the name of my blog. I had the completely generic Amanda's Weight Loss Journey which I gave literally zero thought when I decided to start blogging. Since then I've admired all the cool Band related names and all the other clever titles that you guys have come up with.

Roo says it will be 50 degrees Celsius in Dubai in about a month. WTF??!! In case you are wondering, that is 122 degrees Fahrenheit. I realize this is totally off the topic, but I find it so shocking that I had to mention it!

I was about to wish you all a happy Thursday when it occurred to me that it is actually Wednesday. Sigh. Clearly my funk hasn't lifted. It is still raining. I was picturing myself this morning bobbing in the ocean, struggling to swim to a boat in the distance. I'm keeping afloat, but any minute now a big wave is going to come along and swamp me and I'll drown. Or I'll make it to the boat. It could go either way.


tessierose said...

Congrats on your stellar weight loss thus far!
I weighed today too, and I'm sorry but I'm not counting it, because I know it's not acurate based on all the other days of the week! Grrrr!
I feel ya on that one. I hope your funk is short lived, hang in there!

LDswims said...

50 degrees. Can't do it. I'd mention it, too. What's sad is that is 122 in the shade. I did one deployment to the gulf and it's brutal. And I've been over there (Dubai and others) for vacation in the "spring" which is by far worse than any summer here in the states. Anywho. Brutal.

So I see 229. We all know the scale bounces. I wish it wouldn't...

I hope the funk lifts soon. What imagery you create. I hope the boat moves to you! Sending warm fuzzies and big hugs your way!!!

Bonnie said...

At least it's hump day.

carla said...

Hope you get out of that funk soon. You have been doing great with your weight loss and dont worry about telling people you have lost more than 50lbs because this time next week you probably will have :-)
You wont drown, we wont let you. Throwing you a life preserver :-)

Janelle said...

Wow, you sound so bummed about that huge weight loss!! Cheer up, you are doing REALLY good!

Girl Bandit said...

I just noticed the name change and I like it!! We don't really have a name for under 100 kg but I like some of yours...maybe it can catch on??? I am sure the weight will come off again...hang in there