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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Glorious Food!

Since my 4 cc unfill on Monday, I can eat again! I was supposed to do liquids and mushies for a few days, but I didn't. I know, such a rebel.

When I was unable to eat for three and half days, one of the only good things was that I wasn't hungry at all. I felt completely full of liquids, I guess. But now my appetite has returned and I am enjoying being able to eat real food.

I still have restriction too, but not so much that I am getting stuck on every bite or PB-ing several times a day. Yesterday I ate 1,150 calories! I hadn't broke the 1,000 calorie mark for more than two weeks.

One thing that struck me about this experience was that Thursday, the day before I was unable to eat or even drink much, I ate more than I had without any issues. I had been able to get lunch down, but dinner had become really difficult. Thursday night I even had seconds. So it was really strange that the next day I was so restricted I couldn't even swallow my own spit.

I asked my fill doc about it and she said one of the things that can increase restriction is the weather - specifically hot weather. Thursday was the nicest day we've had all year here in the Pac NW. It was in the mid 70's (23 C). Not super-warm, but when you're used to weather in the 50's & 60's (10-15 C), a temp like that feels like summer. My fill doc says she actually has one patient, a man, who comes in every summer for a complete unfill because the hot weather effects him so much.

It makes me think of little old men who claim to predict the weather through their trick knee. I guess I'll be the little old lady (with the smokin' hot body) predicting warm weather when my lap-band starts strangling me. Of course I won't be old for a long, long time. Maybe Band Groupie could draw me a cartoon.

So today, enjoy your meals for the blessing they truly are. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Janice said...

Hmmm...I've heard stress, TOM, and air travel can cause the band to be tighter. Weather??? That would be interesting! :) Hope the unfill is working.
Surgery Date: May 25

tessierose said...

Wow, glad you're doing better. I hope the heat doesn't ever affect me. I live in Louisiana, I'd die!

Roo said...

Glad to hear that you are able to eat again... as for the weather affecting the band...boy am I in for a bad time in the next few week considering Dubai gets to 50 degrees celcius in summer! Oh oh!

Joey said...

Interesting. It's been unseasonably cold here in CA and I got my 3rd fill a few days ago. I'm going to Palm Springs in 10 days where it's 95! Actually, that would help me from falling off the wagon. I'll pay attention and see what happens.

Bonnie said...

Man, if I had to get an unfill each summer, between vacations and cookouts, I'd be in big trouble. I'm glad your unfill has helped.

Sandy Lee said...

That is so cool that the band tightens with warm weather. We have been hot and my band has been tighter today. I thought is was stress but maybe they are right. Thansk for the info. I'll be watching if my band acts up with the weather.

Dirttrackdiva said...

i've been having those kind of issues the last couple of days too. as we've been going from rainy and 50's to sunny and 80's. hmmmmm...."food" for thought i guess. air travel is hell on the band though. i remember that from vacation. glad to hear that you're doing better and can eat again.

Cindylew said...

So happy to hear you're feeling better.
Interesting theory about restriction...I'll have to think about that a bit.

THE DASH! said...

So glad your unfill helped you. Nothing worse than not being able to eat or drink :)

Meg said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad your unfill did the trick. Who knew about hot weather... good to know. Maybe since I'll be banded in the summer I won't have such a hard time before I get my first fill. :) I can only hope.

Butterfly/Amy said...

I've certainly discovered that being emotional and crying gives me restriction. I suppose it can prevent certain types of stress eating. lol

Hadn't heard that about the weather, sure would be interesting if it did seeing I live in SC where it's already been in the mid 80s.