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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I work as a property manager in Eugene, Oregon so I have several properties around the University of Oregon. Yesterday I had an appointment to meet some people at an apartment so they could view the interior and pay the deposit for next school year. I got there about 15 minutes early and had my lunch. It was one of my favorite foods - a small original Yumm bowl from Café Yumm! It is basically brown jasmine rice, black beans, salsa, avacado, their yummy sauce and a dollup of sour cream. I have it every Wednesday for lunch. I had three very, very small bites that I thought I chewed enough. I saw my appointment arrive so I went to the apartment, realizing that I was STUCK with every passing second. I hoped climbing the three flights of stairs to the unit would take care of it, but nope! I walked them through and we stood there talking for awhile. I tried to pretend I was okay, but I finally decided I better head for the bathroom.

I threw up once and it was pretty quick and painless. Afterwards I rinced out my mouth and went back out to the three 20-year-olds who were standing there waiting for me. They probably think I'm pregnant or something.

Since I'm not a quitter, I finished my meeting AND my lunch. No problems with the rest of it although it did take me about an hour and a half to finish. We had chili for dinner which sounds like a slider to me, but after about three or four bites of that BAM! You guessed it, stuck again, follwed by more PB-ing. Twice this time. At this point I just gave up. Today I'm going slow, slow, slow and trying to chew things like crazy. So far so good.


Carmen said...

so that means when i move there you can get me into an apt right? lol :-)

bleh on the stuck & pbing! slow & easy!

workinprogress said...

Sounds like a rough day - hope today goes better for you :-)

amandakiska said...

Carmen, Eugene is 100 miles from Portland, but if you move to Eugene I'll find you the best apartment in town!

Tina said...

yeouch..but it does mean you have restriction in spades! Ok now comes the hard work :)...chewing slowly and stopping before you have eaten too much.

The weight is going to start dropping now!



Way to PB like a champ.

Cindylew said...

That sucks big time. Just hearing that wants me to stick with cream soups for the rest of my life.
Hope tomorrow is better for you kiddo.

Sandy Lee said...

Oww. That must have hurt. But good cover-say you're pregnant. Who would know. LOL. Might need some liquids for a day or so just to get the inflammation down if you keep having probs.

Dirttrackdiva said...

so sorry about the semi public pb. those are the worst. it happened to me once at a festival here in town and i had to run into a jewelry store. i did blame it on pregnancy cuz it was about 9 in the morning. ;) sometimes it's easier than getting into the whole lapband lecture thing. they were all skinny bitches in there anyway. lol
it does mean you have restriction though. that's great. just make sure you're careful about what/when you eat and how much you chew it.