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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a difference restriction makes!

I was banded 3.5 months ago with a 4 cc band. I've had two fills and one un-fill. I currently have 2.3 cc's. I have really good restriction. Sometimes I feel I still have too much. I read a lot of other blogs and I know that many of you with lap bands are still feeling you could use a bit (or a lot) more. I want to encourage you to keep getting fills and seeing your doc regularily because, oh boy, what a difference restriction makes!

I try to stick to three meals a day and sometimes I have a snack. I'd say that I can eat no more than one cup of food per meal. I get full pretty quickly and by full, I mean the point at which I could eat no more. Sometimes I'll wait a couple of hours and have something else only to discover that I am still full. Like Saturday - my big sis's 40th birthday party. I had a serving of dinner and took a piece of cake home because I was beyond stuffed. Probably three hours after dinner I had a few bites of the cake. And promptly PB'd. Not because it was stuck, but because I was still full!

Since my un-fill May 17th, I've only PB'd a couple times. I've also been stuck a few times, but not as bad as before the un-fill when I was stuck at every meal. The weather was warmer this weekend and I did notice that I was tighter. My fill doc had mentioned this can happen. That's what happened prior to the un-fill when I was so tight I couldn't eat and often couldn't drink either.

The thing about this restriction is that I don't think I could overeat if I wanted to. No, really. Which is why I am writing this post. I know many of you are still trying to find that perfect level of restriction for you. I hear your frustration, your talk about bad food choices, your feeling that you are the one doing all the work. I felt that way too, but I now see why it is that the lap-band is so effective. When the lap-band is functioning as designed, it is an exceptionally effective tool!


LDswims said...

That's awesome. So envious! My last fill (Friday, 1.2cc's) has made a huge difference although still not like what you describe. Nonetheless, I know I'll get there! I hope this fill does wonders for you!!!

Derek and Mary said...

That is great that you've found restriction! I'm close but not quite there and I am so anxious for it! Great job on the exercising!

MandaPanda said...

Still in preband land but thanks for posting this. It does seem that so many have a hard, long road to restriction so it's comforting to know that once you're there, it's good.

Amy said...

I agree. I still don't think I am at my sweet spot, but I am certainly restricted. I completely agree that even if I wanted to binge, I couldn't do it. It's amazing.

Girl Bandit said...

What a fantastic place to be ..I am really glad for you

Kim said...

Oh Amanda, you're post makes me so wish that I was you. I have no idea what restriction is. I'm so discouraged.