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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday!

Springtime in the Northwest is a curious thing. Saturday and Sunday were beautiful days - warm, sunny - PERFECT! Today it is wet, cold and soooo windy!

I tried to have a less-busy weekend and I pretty much succeeded. Partly because my sister took my youngest daughter to the beach for the weekend. It was all well and good until their car broke down last night on the way home and they had to ride in a police car back to town to find a hotel. I had to drive over and pick them up this morning. My other daughter had a soccer game on Saturday (Go WILDCATS!!!). I did some laundry, scrubbed the bathrooms and went to visit my mom. Oh and I saw Remember Me at the second-run movie theater on Friday night. My fella cut the grass so I didn't have to do that. He has also been busy getting our garden ready for planting and taking care of the chickens. Yes, we have chickens even though we live in the city. It is a huge fad in Oregon. That and canning our own veggies. Yes, I do that too.

Yesterday I was sorting through some clothes and I tried on three pairs of size 20 pants. One was too big, one was too small and one pair of jeans went up and zipped, but gave me muffin top so I will wait a bit before wearing them. I also wore a XL top to church. I am sort of between sizes right now. My 22s are too big, but the
20s are too small. I am confident that they will fit great in a few weeks.

I wanted to thank you all for your suggestions on my co-worker post last week. I don't know why I neglected to say that this co-worker is my sister. So turning her into our boss isn't an option. We are both property managers and manage different properties, but a huge part of that job is being available when people come to the office or call and so that is the work that falls on me. I actually have talked to her about it several times and she always just laughs and says she's a flake. Really the problem is that she hates her job and has some family issues going on that she is having a hard time dealing with. So her "solution" is to stay in bed until noon every day and avoid work, housecleaning, doing her taxes and all of the other things she needs to do.

Well, I think that is about it. I am trying to get caught up on your posts in my few quiet moments today. Also I am going to schedule a fill for this week or next. I always want to put those off. I don't know why, but I'm going to make myself do it until I feel like I have perfect restriction because I suspect that my brain is trying to set me up to fail.


Tina said...

I did my garden this weekend too! I love all of the potential that is involved in planting all of those seeds and figuring out where to put stuff.

Working with family is soo hard! I hope things get better.

putting off your fills is a curious thing but understandable. With each fill you have to change behaviors more and more and that is a scary prospect. My advice is to keep pushing forward. Each fill might bring some angst and difficulty as things have to change but in the long run all those changes and painful moments are totally worth it.

Leslie said...

Oh, I put off fills too but I think it was mostly because of all the problems they were having finding my port. I'm really nervous for my first fill since my port revision.

Working with family must be so hard.

Linda said...

The size jump from 22 to 20 took me forever. You'll get in them soon.
I'm jealous of your chickens - I love fresh eggs.

Carmen said...

i'm in between sizes too! frustrating :-)

Lonicera said...

If it's your sister then it puts it in a new light, because it's complicated by your sibling relationship with her. Could it be that perhaps what you're doing is unconsciously carrying her until her emotional problems are sorted out?
From her point of view, she would cope better with her own problems if she made the job side of her life work efficiently, because it would occupy her mind with other things. If she's going through serious depression then she may well be aware of the stress she's giving you but is unable to do anything about it.... having gone through something similar in the last couple of years (with my feeling perhaps like your sister does), that's how it seems to me anyway.

Jess said...

I want a chicken! :)