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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Not sure what that title means...It is the sound that expresses my frustration best right now, I guess.

Why am I frustrated, you ask?  Maybe this is going to call for bullets.
  • I am a property manager which means that I have a job that requires that I be somewhat involved in a very intimate part of everyone's life: where they live.  This means that I hear way more than I want to hear about what goes on behind closed doors.  Having money problems?  I know about it.  Your neighbor has sex too loud?  Better tell the landlady.  Come by the office and I've stepped out for a minute?  Better phone the office and leave a five minute complaint message about how you came by to pay your rent (18 days late) and no one was there (this happened yesterday) and how dare I put a default notice on your door and then not be there when you come in to pay?  Reserve your student apartment in June and then break up with your boyfriend/roommate?  Better have your mom call and complain about you not getting the security deposit back when you breached the contract.  Tracked cherry stains all over your carpet?  Better tell the landlady that you shouldn't be held responsible for it since the carpet was three years old.
  •  I'm taking a vacation in a couple of weeks and I have a budget of about $850. Why does the idea of taking my kids and boyfriend somewhere sound more like torture than relaxation?  I don't want to hear the bickering, the arguments, the constant drain on MOM.  Why am I the only person capable of doing practically anything?  I am so overwhelmed.  I love my family, but I am so tired of the arguments.  I feel like I am living with a house full of starving puppies, with each of them trying to get as much of the food for themselves as they possibly can.  I guess in that analogy, I'm the puppy chow.

  • One of my nephew is a heroin addict, another is in a juvenile detention center, a third one has a stripper girlfriend and they drink every night. 
Triple Arglefark!

  • My mom wrecked her car yesterday.  She wasn't hurt, but the accident was her fault.  She is very broke and not in a good situation to cope with this extra stress.  She has insurance with a $500 deductible.  Part of me feels like I should give her my vacation money.  That might solve two problems.
Maternal Arglefark! 

  • I have been working 9-10 hour days for a week and a half.  I wish I had more paid time off.  And health insurance.  
Employment Arglefark!

  • The spell check DOES NOT like the word arglefark.
Phonemic Orthography Arglefark!

  • I saw the new Harry Potter movie on Friday and I thought it was an excellent movie BUT it really bothers me that it deviated from the book in what I feel were fairly significant ways.  Also now that the series is done, it is done.  Over. Finite.  No more movies.  No more books.  Nothing to look forward to.
Anticlimactic Arglefark!

  • It has been raining.  In July.  Grey, cloudy skies. The whole country is having a heat wave and we're having a throwback to March weather.
Meteorological Arglefark! 


    Stephanie said...

    I LOVE Arglefark. My brother used to use "ArgleBargle" all the time as his exclamation. Sounds like you have a crap ton on your plate, but if there is anyone I know is up to handling it, it would be you!

    Amanda said...

    take that vacation money and do something for yourself!!

    Now that would probably be a dream thought.

    I am sorry things are so Arglefarky at the moment. When it rains it poors this I know!

    I have two rental apartments that we own. I will never ever do that again! They are good good for sure but I hate getting calls. Hate it.

    Jessica said...

    May you have an arglefark-free vacay!!!!

    Beth Ann said...

    My company owns many apartment complexes and I don't envy our Property Managers at all. You couldn't pay me enough. Bless you, girlfriend.

    Robyn's Nest said...

    Take the money and go to the spa alone. You sound like you deserve it!

    Cat said...

    I know exactly what you mean about the Maternal Arglefark. My mom didn't get in a car accident, but she did get a traffic ticket for driving too long in the left turning lane and I got to hear all about how dumb that law is, "And he wanted to site me for the crack in the windshield too!" argley fargely. : (

    I feel pretty certain you'll have a great time with the girls and the fella once you get where you're going - but I completely understand your feeling that you have to handle it all by yourself. We're here for you. :)

    Stephanie M. said...

    Hahahahahah! I swear, I'm laughing WITH you not AT you. :)

    MandaPanda said...

    Loving "arglefark"!! I'm sorry you're so stressed right now though. It seems like everything's building up against you. Just take a deep breath and everything will work out...

    Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

    Sorry things are so stressful. I say use part of the money to do a little weekend something with your family, but save some to pamper yourself. Girl, you deserve it. YOU bust your hump everyday to take care of your family. You roof, you do so rock. And you know what...your mom is not your responsibility, it's admirable that you are so caring and generous, but you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I hope things get better!

    Dawnya said...

    Arglefark is my new word of the week. I promise to say it as much as possible at work.

    I'm sorry everything is out of control right now.

    As much as you love your need a vacay. Keep your money and do your thing. Ignore the kids and your BF. They all need to give you a break.

    Ronnie said...

    What I would do... is save that money and a little more... AND COME TO BOOBS! :)