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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maybe next week...

I was going to entitle this post, "I'm Overweight!" to celebrate transitioning from having a BMI considered obese to overweight, but I'm not quite there yet. I weighed in at 197.6 (89.6 kg.) this morning, down 1.6 (.7 kg.)from last week. I'm actually .4 lbs. (.2 kg.) from a BMI under 30 which just confirms my suspicion that BMIs are a bunch of hooey.

Maybe I won't feel that way once I get below the "obese" range, but I really don't think I look that fat. Or maybe I just have a skewed perception of how I look and what fat looks like.

Really I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. I don't mind the slow losses. I like how I look, at least in clothes. I feel attractive.

But I wanted to bring up the subject of weighing. I weigh myself once a week, three times of every four weeks. "Why the skipped week?", you might ask. Well, I guess it is because I don't lose during that fourth week. In fact sometimes I'm up a bit. I attribute it to hormones. If you really want to know, it is probably when I'm ovulating. But it still messes with my mind to step on the scale and not see a loss so I just don't step on that week! I know many of you weight every day and I honestly don't know how you do that. I have so much anxiety about the scale, I can't imagine putting myself through it each day. So how often do you weigh yourself and why?


LDswims said...

I weigh myself every day, sometimes three and four times a day. I record my weight once a week (on Sunday).

I weigh myself every morning because I like the feedback it gives me. It tells me if I spent the last two or three days eating too poorly. I do, however, look at it as commedy. I can weigh, then go to the bathroom with all the morning rush, then reweigh and have gained 2 pounds by peeing at least a gallon. (Exagerating but you get the point.) But I do look at it as comedy.

Sometimes I go to bed weighing less than I did waking up - that tells me I'm about to lose. What's real comedy is when I wake up weighing more than I did going to bed. That's hormones.

Usually, if I am about to lose for real, then my going to be weight is less than my waking up weight - and the next day, I'll see a loss.

Before this journey, I only weighed once or twice a week. But because everything is changing so much, I am now weighing three and four times a day. When I get up, after my shower, when I get home from work, and just before I go to bed. It's all given me a good overview of how my body behaves. When I get home from work, if I didn't drink enough water, then my weight will be up for the day. If I did drink enough water, I probably will weigh less than when I got out of the shower.

It's weird stuff...but it's the habit I have right now and it gives me feedback...

I only record once a week because otherwise my spreadsheet would have too much data. :)

(Sorry for such a long comment.)

Tina said...

I weigh every day and only record it when I am making progress. I used the daily weight to keep track of losses but I have manages (well most of the time) to not worry too much about the bounce. The daily weighing has helped me see the patterns of my weightloss and there are definitely some going on. Like-when I am hungry at night it usually means I am going to have a loss the next day. If i have a series of more than one weightloss in a row i am due for a bounce or upswing. I have also noticed that it takes a week for my body to figure out I have been good or bad...but everyone has to figure out how to use the scale as a tool that works for them.


Bonnie said...

I weigh every day in the morning after I pee. I guess it's just a habit. I really don't let myself get worked up over the number and record my weight once a week.

Sam said...

I try not to weigh myself everyday as it can really mess with my mind and my motivation. I record once a week or so.

TJ said...

I weigh myself at least 4 times a week. If my weight seems to be up I don't worry about it, but I do weigh myself more often to make the higher weight was really just a fluke (like too much water)

I do this b/c my weight can vary every day and by several pounds. If I just weigh myself once a week it could be on a high day and I could get the wrong picture of my progress. For example, on Friday of last week I was 187. On Monday I was 190, but on Tuesday I was back to 187. If I had just weighed myself on Monday I would have thought I gained 2 pounds instead of dropping a pound. However, I record my weight only once a week. Typcially the best day of the weekend (fri-sun).

Ginger aka Gidget said...

I agree - BMIs are HOOEY. As someone who's always been "solid" (and fluffy - let's not kid ourselves), BMIs are more torture than anything.

Lady Lap Band said...

Congrats on the loss!!! I'm sure you will be in the overweight category very soon!!! You go!! I remember going from morbidly obese to just plain ole obese and thought that was the greatest thing ever haha. So weird that we celebrate that kinda stuff!! Only in the land of bansters!


Michelle said...

In the begginning I used to weigh myself every week. Now I weigh almost every morning, no idea why. Maybe because I'm so nervous I'm gaining weight again.

Debi said...

I weigh myself almost everyday if we are home. And like Tina, I only record the losses, not the gains. Which means that I could go a long time between recordings sometimes!!

Thanks for the weather update for Sunday! I sure hope it is warmer than it was today! We stopped in Eugene long enough to fuel up, and we hit rain as soon as we left Eugene and it didn't stop until after we arrived in Salem for our Lunch with our friend!!

We are both looking forward to meeting you too!! BTW, our favorite number is the number 13! And we were married on a Friday the 13th! Next year will be our 19th Anniversary.