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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hiya! I'm experimenting with mobile blogger. Oh yeah, my new word is "foxy". As in, "You are looking Foxy!" Yes, I know I'm a dork.


Stephanie said...

Foxy totally works...Word.

Bonnie said...

That reminds me when I was younger if a guy was hot we would call him a "fox" Talk about dork!

Janice said...

I was just catching up on blogs and saw your previous post about driver's license pic and weight. Too funny! You totally should go in and get a new driver's license every few months to catch up to your weight. :)

When we moved I had to get a new license and my old one had a much lighter weight (about 30 lbs). The lady at the counter asked if I wanted to change anything else (I felt guilty, like I was in confession) and blurted out. Okay, change my is higher. She responded she hadn't meant that...but I was so self-concious. :)

Way to go Foxy!

Kristen said...

#148 saying hello!! :)

and I thought I was already following you!


Carmen said...

foxy lady!! i'm totally doing the dance from "wayne's world" lol