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Friday, July 16, 2010

Chobani, I think I love you!

Thanks to all of you in Blogland, I discover Greek yogurt a couple of months ago. I have had a hard time finding it at my local grocery stores, however. They all have at least one kind of the stuff, but not necessarily one of my favorite brands. Also two different stores (Walmart & Winco) have had certain brands at one time and then different brands another. Strange. In addition, I have discovered that not all Greek yogurts are created equal. I usually buy Chobani brand, but one time I bought another kind (sorry I can't remember the brand). The flavor was pomegranate which I loved, but as I was eating it I noticed it had 240 calories and only 7 grams of protein. Chobani has 140 calories and 14 grams of protein so there's a huge difference, but boy oh boy, it sure was yummy!

Anyways yesterday I noticed that Costco now has Chobani Greek yogurt in the 12 pack for $11.95! That's less than $1.00 per yogurt which is less by about half than what I pay at Fred Meyer.

I bet I get a bunch of SPAM comments from this post ~ lol!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my post yesterday. I was feeling a little strange about posting my weigh-day results for the week and everyone basically told me to get over myself. So without further ado, I weighed 213.8 lbs. (96.9 kg.) on Wednesday. I am down 66.2 lbs. (29.6 kg.) since February and 3.8 lbs. (1.7 kg.)since my last weigh-day two weeks ago.

I am hoping to hit Onederland by the end of August. My ultimate goal is 180 lbs.(81.6 kg.). Really I'd like to be smaller than that, but if that's as far as I get, I'd be happy. When I began this journey, the idea of losing 100 lbs. (45.3 kg.) seemed completely overwhelming. I figured it would take 18 months. I hoped I'd be in Onederland by my first Bandeversary. For me that will be 80.1 lbs. (36.3 kg.)down. In fact I believe it was the NUT who told me it would probably take 18 months. She was the only health care professional involved in my WLS that I didn't really care for. Of course I am not there yet. I have 13.9 lbs. (6.3 kg.) to go to Onderland and 33.8 lbs. (15.3 kg.) to go to 100 down. Those original dates may be completely realistic and that is okay. The thing is I think I look pretty good right now. Maybe not FOXY-GOOD, but okay. Not disgusting and repulsive. Unless I take my clothes off and then WOO-EEE! Look Out! Let's just say that everything is heading south and a good, stiff wind starts everything flapping away. But oddly, I'm okay with that too. I know things will firm up a bit and very few people ever see me naked anyway.

What is amazing about this is that I am okay with where I am at. For the first time in my life, I'm not trying to change anything. I know the weight loss will come. I won't do anything differently to get there nor will I do anything differently when I get to goal. I know I will always have to work on my weight/food relationship, but I now have a really, really powerful and effective tool to make it possible. It isn't easy, but it also isn't hard. I think this must be sort of like the relationship normal weight people have with food.

I know that last paragraph would have been a great place to end this post, but I want to say two more things. #1 - I am going camping for the weekend and I can't freaking WAIT! #2 - I am following the blogs of several people who are trying to lose weight through more conventional means. It is really strange to hear about their experiences and mentally compare them with my own. Some of them (like Draz) are practically honorary Bandsters. They totally get it and their own philosophies and struggles really mirror our own. Some of them - not so much. I feel like I can relate to where they are at, but have been down their road already and I know there's just a dead end at the end. But then I think that that was MY experience and maybe it will be different for them. And then I think, no, no it won't and I want to tell them. I am like a lap-band evangelist. "Salvation is possible! You don't have to wallow in despair and deny yourself the foods you love. Isn't that denial just giving those foods as much control as binging on them does? Won't this abstinence end in a binge like ALL of the other diets before it? Why are you doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results?" Anyways...I have 151 followers as I post this. Let's see how many I still have after the weekend!


Fiona said...

I'm hanging in there with you Amanda, have a great weekend x

tessierose said...

"Isn't that denial just giving those foods as much control as binging on them does?"
Wow....that really strikes a chord with me.
What a great post, you don't have to worry about me not following...I love the way you articulate your feelings.

Janelle said...

I wanted to post yesterday in response to your last post but ran out of time so I will now. I absolutely love reading about everyone's progress and all the weigh-ins and all that and even if I am sometimes jealous, I still would never want to lose that! It really puts things into perspective for me and I just like monitoring progress on people in the same situation as me! So, please continue posting no matter how GREAT you are doing and how jealous the rest of us may be!! :)

You are so close to Onederland... how exciting!!

Amaris said...

Another great post! My best friend is watching her intake and making healthier choices. I really, sincerely hope it works for her. I only know that it wouldn't work for me. I'm so grateful that the band has come into my life -- or will be coming on 24 August.

BTW, thanks for your enthusiasm and support!

Mary said...

Hey! Girl!!! I had a non bander follow me the other day! I know I am a non bander also......but not by choice, August will just not get here soon enough! Anyway I think this guy who is obv against weight loss surgery keeps posting kinda negative border line rude comments on my post!!!!!! He asked me to go read his blog from the begining! It is called Almost Gastric Bypass!!!!! Then he told me to read other banders blog to basical learn from them realistic things and the bands problems!!!!!! If I knew how to defollow him from my blog I would consider it!!!!

Janice said...

Actually I just noticed you now have 152 followers. Your followers are growing and you are shrinking! :)

You are doing WONDERFULLY! You are averaging about 13 lbs a month! That is AWESOME!!!

Just keep sharing your story. Your success speaks for itself!

Have a wonderful camping trip! Happy Weekend!

Sandy Lee said...

I won't leave you because you are an evangelist for the band. They will come when the time is right. It IS a transformation but we had to come to the light first. Your post can only be the catalyst for those that see it is the only way. That from someone who has tried for 45 years to keep the weight off. I guess we should really be the Fellowship of the Band.

Janice said...

BTW, thanks for saying I looked "foxy" on my comment section. You made my day! :) Foxy is even better than being cute!

Cindylew said...

Have a ball camping powder puff.

Jacquie said...

Enjoy your weekend Amanda!

SuperMegaAnna said...

My two favorite Greek yogurts are Chobani and Trader Joes. I eat one atleast once a day sometimes twice. I couldn't live without this stuff.

Tina said...

I haven't tried Greek yogurt yet but will have to give it a try. I had a look at it at Winco and the protein levels weren't very high. Thanks for filling me in on the variability of those numbers.

I am with you on the evangelism thing. I feel the same way. I have switched from having and internal drive-up window urge to having one where I want to walk up to people obviously struggling with their weight and tell them about the joys of lapband surgery. I resist...but I want to.

I don't know how all of you collect so many followers..either I am the most boring blogger on the planet or I am doing something wrong. I am only up to 77 after 3 years.


Michelle said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!! That is wonderful, you must feel wonderful too!

Bonnie said...

I love me some Chobani too. You are doing so well. There is no way I could stop following you. Blogs like yours are what help me believe that I will be able to lose significant weight with my band.