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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The time has come...

After nine plus months of claiming I can eat all foods in moderation, I think the time has come to officially remove tofu from my diet.  The last several times I've had it, it hasn't worked out so well.  Last night I cooked it differently in the thought that it would be easier to eat, but nope.  I still ended up "re-gifting" most of it. 

It is a shame though because tofu is an excellent protein source for vegetarians like me, but I don't suppose I get much benefit if it won't stay down.

Today is weigh-day and after a less-than-spectacular .2 lbs. (.1 kg.) lost last week, I was a little apprehensive.  But I got on the scale this morning and was down 3.2 lbs. (1.5 kg.).  This brings me to 181.6 (82.4 kg.).  I'm just 1.6 lbs. (.73 kg.) from my goal of losing 100 lbs.(45.4 kg.)! 

It is funny that at various times during this weight loss process I have "felt" thin.  Or thinner.  I would look at myself, especially in photos, and think I looked good.  And then sometimes I wouldn't feel that way.  Even though I was actually smaller than I'd been when I'd previously felt thin, I felt fat.  I kind of feel fat right now.  Or maybe not fat, but not like I look good.  I don't know.  It is weird.  I'm going to have my mom take a bunch of pics of me over Thanksgiving so I can get some perspective.  But for now, I feel fat.  Or fatter.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I hosted a party for her last night.  I think people with birthdays that often fall close to holidays sort of miss out on being "birthday-ed" so even though we'll be having ANOTHER big family meal on Thursday, we still got together for a party. We had a Chinese food themed dinner and cheesecake for dessert.  It was yummy, but I didn't get to enjoy it much since the tofu made me sick.

The birthday girl with my two daughters and nephew

I think my biggest Thanksgiving worry right now is not overeating, but it is being unable to eat.  That would be sad.  I haven't really been having issues like that, but I guess we just never know how food is going to go down.   


LDswims said...

Dangit, not the tofu! That's strange...seems like tofu would slide right down, in most cases. That really sucks!

I'm curious what other really good sources of protein you have as a vegetarian? I'm sure there's more and know that beans/legumes can be good....but what else do you tend to turn to?

I totally get the being smaller but feeling fatter thing. It's a strange sensation to know that I am less than I was...but to feel worse. For me, it tends to be fleeting and it also tends to push me into my gym more fervently...

And you are quite right - it would be sad to be unable to eat. Would be quite sad, indeed.

Happy Thanksgiving - I hope you get to enjoy a little of it all!

Nella said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Happy Birthday, Mum!! And Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!

Dizzy Girl said...

I totally get the thinner yet fatter feeling too. I'm currently in one of those states of mind right now. I hate it.

And good job on celebrating your mom's bday the right way; My bday is on Christmas Eve and every year my mother comments on how much I've been jipped (which I have been, not going to lie. But she tries, and that makes up for it for me).

And seriously GREAT JOB on losing almost 100 pounds! That's huge!!! Seriously huge- good good good job. :)

Happy Thanksgiving girl! And thank you for the kind words on my blog today about being a vegetarian; after I read your post- I started counting my protein intake as well to try to match your 50 grams. :) I'm on it! love you! xoxo- D

Amaris said...

I haven't lost enough yet for the thin-yet-fat feeling to kick in, but I'm sure it will at some point. Thanks for the heads-up! I am at the point of constantly being amazed that I can tell I'm smaller. Not a lot smaller, but smaller none-the-less (40 pounds down).

I don't eat tofu often, but the times I have, it was fine. I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles with it though. When I was veggie, I ate a lot of tofu, so I appreciate where you're coming from on that issue.

Happy birthday to your Mom! My birthday is around Valentine's Day, so I often miss out on flowers, etc. Sounds like you all had a good time, even if you had issues.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a GREAT day!

MLM said...

How amazing that you are almost 100 down...that is so awesome and such a victory! i know you can do it!!! thank you so much for your supportive posts on my blog..they have meant a lot to me...

also, i cannot tell you how much I relate to the feeling of thin and fat...sometimes i think i look so thin and feel awesome, and then i feel like a blimp or remember that I am still fat...cannot tell you how much that happens to me!!

i'm sorry you had to give up tofu..i'm not a tofu eater but i know it is a big source of protein for vegetarians...i know you will find something else that will work for you and get you over the 100 pound mark!

hope that you have a great thanksgiving