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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've got questions. Do you have answers?

Since I was banded last month, I've really been trying to eat only when I am hungry (and stop when I am full). It seems like such a simple concept. I run into a snag each day, however, because I do not get hungry for breakfast until 10:00 or so. This means that I am packing my breakfast to eat at work. It also means that my breakfast options are really limited. What I want to have for breakfast is a piece of toast and peanut butter or a piece of toast and a "dippy" egg, but to prepare this at work, I would have to pack a toaster, a pan, cooking spray, an egg, the salt and pepper - you get the idea.

So I usually have yogurt with fresh fruit (or raisins) and nuts or cottage cheese or warm applesause. These are perfectally lovely breakfast foods, but they're not what I want. Right now I am all about eating what I want whenever possible.

Also, I am not really eating very much fruit or vegetables. I'm usually having 1-1.5cups of food at each meal and maybe one or two servings (if it really is the size of an actual serving)of vegies. And no fruit except every few days when I have it with breakfast. I've been so focussed on getting in the protein and not eating too much at a meal.

Does anyone else have these problems and if so, what are you doing about it?


Sandy Lee said...

Hi Amanda-I made up these mini quiches and bring them to work-good either cold or heated in the microwave. Last week I bought one of those 24 muffin (tiny) tins and made the quiches and bran muffins with extra protein powder. Put them in baggies and froze them.

You could also try lunch food if you feel like it and it gets through the band. I have a toaster at work but haven't been using it yet. My fav was toast and peanut butter too. I don't feel like eating anything until 9 or 10 am. I drink my 2 mugs of coffee first and then have something.

I miss my fruits and veges (and skim milk). My doc told me yesterday that it was ok to have them as snacks and not part of my meals, so I'll get in a bit more fruit and milk and see how the weightloss goes. Right now after my first fill, I am really tight and can't get much down. I feel stuffed at the moment and ate almost 2 hours ago. Guess the band is working.

Michelle said...

I am also having simular issues. I just had a 50 calorie apple sauce to count as a fruit. I take my multi vitamin and hope that with my meals I am getting in the veggies. I was juicing everyday but have been lazy at that. Time to get back at it. I juice a whole bunch of veggies and some fruit for sweetness. It does not always taste great but I then know I am getting in my veggies.. At supper I chop up a lot of veggies and hope again I am getting enough in.. Such as in chilli, chicken stew, spagetti sauce.. Hope that helps a bit in regards to the veggies. Now I should go and make a juice. LOL

Jess said...

I am not able to eat regular foods yet, I am on mushies starting today but I also have issues right now with protein. I do not get near enough protein because I just WILL NOT drink another protein shake or I will vomit! I hate them. Also I feel like all the foods I am allowed right now are full of carbs and sugar and I am stuck and have lost no weight after surgery because of it! I think Sandy had a good idea...Quiches!!!! those are yum and you can just heat them up at work. Do you have a microwave available to you at work? Hmm..IDK I hope you figure it out! I am not a breakfast person anyway so I will probably stick to yogurts or instant grits.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I do not do the breakfast thing either just cause I am not hungry till around 2. I eat a piece of cheese or greek yogurt with granola. Focusing on the protein is a good thing..I try and add benefiber to one of my beverages early in the day to make up for what I am lacking now. I am at pretty good restriction so I am in different place than you foodwise but just stick to high protein foods and you will be fine.

THE DASH! said...

Hi there Amanda :)
I saw you on my followers and came on over. Hmm tricky question re: the breakfast food. Do you like porridge? Maybe the little individual packets you can take to work. Take some milk in a flask and if you have a microwave heat it up. Or - right now I have a tight band AM.. so I have something called an UP and GO. Its like a liquid breakfast (I posted a pic on the post before last.) Maybe you have something like this in the US.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi.. and congrats on being banded last month. Great going. Look forward to more posts.
Cara :)

BanderificBeauty said...

Wow we have SO MUCH in common. I am just having problems in general with food lol But I wanted to stop in and say HI! I hope everything is going well!