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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday I blogged a bit about how much I have come to resent the lady I work with. In the evening, one of my BFF told me that she was quitting her job as she’d got a new, better one. I’m a little jealous of her too. So I think it may be time for me to move on from this job I have. I have worked here since 2001 – going on 9 years. I’ve gone as far as I can money wise and advancement-wise. My plan has been to work my own company until I could work for myself and quit this job, but now I’m wondering if I should find something else sooner. I decided this morning that I would give this job six more months and if I am still unhappy, I will begin aggressively looking for a better job.

I think that my willingness to put up with a bad work environment has a lot to do with my weight problem. It is easier to stay here than go out and try to find something else. There are some things that I really like about this job. I have a lot of autonomy and my kids can come to my office after school (a mixed blessing), but overall I feel like I am a bit of a doormat. My co-worker comes and goes as she pleases. She seldom gets here on time and probably once a week she just doesn’t show up at all. She performs a few specific tasks and leaves the rest of the work for me. She takes weeks to do things that I accomplish in a couple hours. She also makes the same pay as me and I am pretty sure that she lies about the hours she works on her time card. When I put it in black and white like that, it seems really awful, but she is a really nice person and also a good friend of mine. I have told her many, many times that it bothers me that she doesn’t get here on time and she always agrees that she is a total flake, blah, blah, blah…, but she never does anything about it. She also takes tons of extra time off. Last summer she was off for about seven weeks between the end of April and the end of August. The summer is our busiest time at work so this created so much extra work for me. She didn’t get paid for all her time off, but her finances are such that she can afford to miss weeks of work without a problem.

So SIX MORE MONTHS. If I am still unhappy then, I will make a concentrated effort to find a new job. Hopefully my own company will grow sufficiently that I can work for myself. If not, I will find something that doesn’t leave me feeling resentful and jealous.

Food-wise, things have been going pretty well, but I am thinking it is about time for a fill. I haven’t felt much restriction for over a week now. Next week is six weeks post-op which is the time I was told to get my first fill. I have been following my food plan, but I have noticed that I can eat pretty quickly and that foods that would normally get stuck seem to be slipping through without any trouble.


Drazil said...

I think that's a great plan - here's to a better six months!

Janelle said...

What kind of job do you do?

amandakiska said...

I am a property manager - mostly residential and a bit of commercial. BTW I promise that this is the last blog that I write for a while bitching about my co-worker.

Dirttrackdiva said...

I totally feel you on the co workers not pulling their weight. I actually just started a new job and of the two weeks I've been there this girl has been there ONE DAY! And she slept half of that day, but made ten sales. (I work in sales, as if you couldn't tell) But the boss lets her stay there.

However, I also believe that most of the people I work with would be unemployable anywhere else. They no call, no show a few times a week. People leave for lunch and don't come back. And, I'm the only one that works there that doesn't have a PO except for the boss. It really is a great place to work though. Besides all that. :) Sorry for the ramble, just wanted you to know that I felt your pain.