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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Re-heating my lunch..

Do you do that?  Heat your lunch over and over  as it grows cold?  And I don't really eat all that slowly.  I just take "breaks" while I wait for the food to go down.

I'm sitting at my desk wishing I wasn't at work today.  I'll be on vacation between Christmas and New Years.  I've done pretty much everything I need to do for the rest of the month.

Do you know what I did a little bit ago?  I booked a hotel for five nights in Disneyland next summer!  I sure hope I can save enough money between now and then 'cuz I just paid for a hotel room IN ADVANCE!  I get an extra paycheck twice a year and this happens to be one of the months when that happens so I bit the bullet and made our Disneyland trip that we've been talking about official.  Crap!

Those of you who have read my blog for awhile know that I work a full-time job and also have my own small property management company.  I've had two clients for a few years and I just added another property.  The owner of that property has another house we might add too.  Plus I've done some free-lance stuff.  I also have talked to a few other people that could turn into more accounts.  Yeah me!  I had an email this morning on another house we might be able to manage.  Damn, I'd sure like to just work for myself and not have to keep working for someone else.  Someday!

On the Lap-band note, I am writing a food diary.  I don't usually log my food.  I lost 115 lbs. without logging my food most of the time.  I've maintained for a year without logging most of the time, BUT I feel like I need to.  I've been snacking more than usual.  I see something that looks good and I just eat it without a thought.  Then I feel a little ashamed of myself.  I've also gained about two pounds so I'm hoping that a little tune-up before Christmas is just what I need to get back on track and survive the holidays.  I'm also trying to drink more water.  It is so cold that my water consumption has slowed quite a bit.  I've probably been drinking about 50 ounces a day.  In warmer weather, I'd easily drink 100 ounces.  So now I'm drinking more and I get a bunch more exercise running to the bathroom all damn day!

Anyhoozle - I guess that's about it!  Happy Thursday! 


trisha said...

thanks for reminding me I get paid 3 times this month!! LOL

I am obsessed with logging my's a healthy habit to have now but is rather mentally exhausting at times.

Ronnie said...

I'm with you on the water thing... I have started forcing myself to drink 24 oz before I have anything to eat in the morning and that usually gets the ball rolling for drinking for the day. :)

Anywho, I never find myself reheating my lunch... I still eat too fast. LOL Either that or it's not too warm to begin with. *shrug*

Cat said...

I don't reheat my food. I pretty much eat what I can in about 15 mins and then leave the rest if I'm not finished. I don't often have that not finished problem. I am SO freaking excited for you and your girls that you made the leap to reserve the hotel for Florida. Yay you!! You'll have a blast!

Amy W. said...

I go on these spurts where I track my food from time to time. It does help bc besides seeing what you are actually eating, it sometimes prevents me from eating just so I dont have to log it! lol

Dani said...

I haven't tracked at all-I'm sure I would do better if I did, The Disney trip sounds fantastic,Good for you!!

Sam said...

I don't reheat, if it gets cold that usually means I have been eating for too long and need to stop anyway :o)

MandaPanda said...

I don't reheat but it doesn't take me very long to eat either...that reminds me...I need a fill. LOL. Sounds like the property management biz has really taken off for you. Hopefully you'll be able to make a full time gig soon. And Yay for Disney!!! I want to go this summer so badly but I just can't bring myself to book it.

Lady Lap Band said...

I've pretty much gotten use to eating cold food at this point lol but I know exactly what you mean about reheating it a few times. Too funny to hear someone else mention that.

I also need to log food again, I've been able to maintain without doing it but not loose, back on the wagon I go!! =)