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Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

Ever put Bugles on your fingers and pretend your fingers were wearing little witch hats?

I had lunch at my mom's yesterday.  My mom is the greatest.  I am so lucky to have her!

Mom's brothers and sister came for a visit.  I haven't seen one of my uncles since August 2009.  It was fun to see everybody.  Both of my sisters were there too as well as our little families. 

I have noticed that I really watch people eat these days.  We had enchiladas.  Pretty much everyone hit the chips, bean dip and salsa for the hour before the food was done.  And they ate the cookies I brought.  And a never-ending bowl of mint M&M's.  My personal strategy for making it through holiday meals is to NOT eat until the meal is served.  In the past I'd have been like my aunts and uncles, mom and sister and I'd have eaten pretty much a full meal's worth of food BEFORE the actual meal.  These days I want to be hungry for the meal!

I also made sugar cookies this weekend.  We have a tradition at my house where we do a cookie hunt with clues.  We call it a gingerbread man hunt because when I was in kindergarten, my teacher did a hunt like that which took us kids through the entire school until we eventually found our cookie in our classroom.  But I use sugar cookies and the cookie cutter is actually a teddy bear and not a gingerbread man.  Once they're decorated, you can't tell.  I decorate one for each of my daughters and they know it is their cookie because the cookie has their eye color.  One of my daughters has brown eyes and the other hazel.  I had one cookie myself with lots of frosting.  I also might have tasted the frosting as I applied it to the cookies. 

Saturday I had one of those days where EVERYTHING annoyed me.  Ever had one of those days?  I must have apologized 20 times to my kids and fella.  And then I'd start another rant about this or that.  Not my best day.  It especially pisses me off when I "waste" a weekend day like that.

Work is really stressful.  I'm not expecting a Christmas bonus which totally sucks. 

Thank you for celebrating with me last week! It was so cool to see comment after comment congratulating me on losing 100 lbs. (45.4 kg.) and reaching goal. Your support means so much to me! There are so many things that I can only discuss on this blog. Believe me, I didn't show the nudie pix to anyone I actually know!

Welcome to my new followers!  If I am not following your blog, please leave your address in the comments. 



Libby said...

OK, what I am dying to know is how you make hazel colored frosting ;-)

I have those pissy days too sometimes where I can't even believe what is coming out of my mouth. I've just decided that that is when I need a time out. Sorry work is so stressful right now. Hope it gets better soon.

Ronnie said...

I know what you mean about those pissy days, I had one today. :( My poor kiddos. Every five seconds it was "Get down! Drop that! Stop touching your brother!" Oy. lol

(Oh, and I'm a new follower! :)

Rachel said...

I'm sorry work is stressful. Its interesting how the band helps one internalize a new way of viewing food/volume/consumption. When I go out to eat with old friends/co workers I definitely notice how our culture encourages the mass consumption of food as a social activity. From your blog, I sense that you have internalized a more rational and healthy attitude toward food.

Your goal pics were a great witness to what can be! Thank you for that.

Bonnie said...

Great strategy not to eat until the main meal. I know what you mean about pissy days. At least you apologized. I don't know that I'm that nice. I love the christmas cookie hunt. Very cool.

Tina said...

man o man---try everyday all week for me was pissy. I totally understand you on that one!

I think your meal strategy is a great one. I have eaten the pre-dinner crap way too many times and then been unable to eat the actual meal.

Ok..i did the olives on the fingers thing not bugles (I have only ever had bugles once or twice)

Feel better!!


~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Great idea - Christmas cookie hunt! I love it!! And, I totally still do that with Bugles!! Can't eat them any other way!!

Thank you for sharing your milestone with US! I loved the pictures - you are always such a terrific inspiration!!

MandaPanda said...

Love the cookie hunt idea! I might steal it from you. You're so much braver than I am to post those pictures. Your progress is AMAZING and it's so wonderful of you to share your journey with everyone in blogland.

Island Bandit said...

i know what you mean about being fascinated by other people eating. i watched my friends (neither big eaters) in amazement all weekend... thinking about how before the band i'd have eaten 2x as much as they did and even now it seemed like they were eating a ton!!!

KS said...

I'm a new blogger and a new follower! I'm not a bandster, but I'm trying to be an intuitive eater, which seems to me is exactly what you are, band or no band.