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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here's another one for the ladies!

I think this is a NSV (non-scale victory) of sorts.  Maybe.  As I've lost weight, I have found that I have greatly improved bladder control.  Many ladies, especially those of us that have had children, can relate to a sneeze or a laugh causing a small release of urine.  Forget about jumping up and down or even running! 

I say maybe it's a NSV though because the reason I realized that I wasn't wetting my pants as often was because it happened a couple of times recently and it occurred to me that it had been a really long time since it had happened.

Please tell me you can relate!

About my post from yesterday where I talked about my plateau, thank you for all your sweet comments.  I really appreciate your input.  I thought I should clarify that this wasn't just one weigh in.  In December I managed to lose three pounds (1.4 kg.) only despite no change in my food or exercise.  With the jump yesterday, I'm back to my weight from December 12th so basically I've had no scale movement in three weeks and I'm only about 2.4 lbs. (1.1 kg.) less than I was November 24th.


Heather said...

Oh I can't wait for that NSV! I totally get you!

Justawallflower said...

I really think it is about your body adjusting to the calories and activity level. I know when I was working with my trainer last year that he said that could happen. He always had me doing different thing. Some high intensity days, other high rep days. always changing it up.

Awesome NSV! I'd count it as one! lol!

~Lisa~ said...

I can totally relate - and I am so anxious for that NSV to occur!! Thanks for sharing!

#fatfreefloozy said...

I haven't had kids - so my friends are all envious that even though I am a podger, I can still do a mean trampoline dance. Guess I have these things to look forward to! xox

Anonymous said...

You know, now that you mention it, I don't "pee a little" anymore either! That is a very cool NSV!

Tina said...

Bladder control was one of my co-morbidities for insurance approval..It was also the first to improve (my blood pressure followed in the number two spot). I have not 'leaked' in forever even while sneezing. And they keep telling us it is our muscle control sheesh :)

Congrats on your bladder control! :)xxxooo

Dizzy Girl said...

I've never had babies but my sister has had 2 and has told me all about big NSV!!! I don't know about anyone else, but if it were me, I'd be thrilled. :)

As far as the weight, I'm finding that when I think I'm at a plateau, if I just keep going, it starts coming off again. Sometimes the body just seems to need an adjustment period to get used to the new weight. However, after saying all of that- you know your body and know what it needs. ;)



MandaPanda said...

Yep - totally know about that NSV...I've noticed my tinkle issue has already improved a bit.

Plateaus suck. As others have said, I've always heard that changing up the routine helps.

Silverhairedgoddess said...

I can certainly relate - and to me that is a NSV - I must pay attention to mine :)

Kathy said...

Hi Amanda, I was trying to find your email address to ask you some questions about your surgery. My brother was turned down by his insurance and desparately needs LapBand surgery. Can you tell me first where you had your surgery and second did you get the 12 month no interest loan from the doctors or a private party. Please email me at so I can relay the info to him. Thanks so much. Kathy

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Oh yes - I completely understand. I swear, though, NO ONE told me this before I had kids. At least it seems you've got some good news - something to look forward to as I drop some of this weight. I HATE it when it happens to me. I'm glad I'm not alone and that it may improve!
I wish I could give you advice about your plateau - but I know there are many who will help you with that. I always hear more food and/or more exercise might jump start it. Some type of 'shock' to wake your body up. Good luck - I'm watching and waiting to see your progress and how you figure how to break this plateau!

Unknown said...

So know what you mean! Ever since I had my son I've had the problem. I hate it. So hoping it goes away with weight loss. I'm also trying to do pelvic floor exercises as much as possible. Pilates is also suppose to help.

Debi said...

I too can totally relate to this issue!

I have had a hard time with controlling my urine for many years.

There were many trips over the Sierra's from the Sacramento area to Reno, where we had to stop at least once, if not twice! And this with me not drinking anything before we left.

But since my Surgery, it has improved to the point where I rarely have to worry about it!! Thank God!!!

Great NSV!!