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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Freak Out

That title means nothing.  I just wanted a word that started with the letter "F" to go along with the word Friday.  Sorry if I got you all sucked in for nothing!

Speaking of strange titles, my daughters are going to a Halloween party tonight called a Halloween Shakedown.  I always thought a "shakedown" was something involving some guy named Fat Tony and the threat of broken thumbs. 

I've been keeping busy at work.  As many of you know, I am a wildly successful Property Manager.  I live in a mansion and make $100,000 a week.  I drive my cars one time only and then give the keys to some homeless dude.  It is a fabulous life! 

If only, right?

The only true statements in the previous paragraph are that I have been keeping busy and I'm a property manager.  I actually work for a company and have my own little baby company that I hope will someday employ me full-time so I can quit my day job.  That's if the blogging gig doesn't take off, and I'm not holding my breath.  My baby company is also a property management (follow the link to "like" us on facebook) company.  One of the things we've done for the last several years is rent out rooms at a sorority house when there are track and field events in Eugene, Oregon.  We just started on the 2012 Olympic Track & Field Trials which will be held at historic Hayward Field on the campus of the University of Oregon.  Most of the hotels in Eugene are already booked so we are hoping for a successful event.  In fact, I'm hoping to make enough money to take my kids to Disneyland next summer. 

I also have a couple of houses and apartments that people can rent.  Here's one of the houses that is available if you're curious.  I haven't decided what to charge yet. 

What a boring post this is.

My weight remains the same.  My food is pretty good, although I had to reign in some overeating earlier this week.  Nothing sounded good to eat except fast food and eating out for lunch.  That got expensive.  So I'm back to packing my lunch and sticking to the plan. 

So what else?  I really want to take my kids to Disneyland this summer!  We went in 2005, but my youngest was only a year and half so she has no memory.  Next summer they'll be 11 and 9 which is probably the perfect age!  But DAMN that is an expensive place to go!  I think we need at least $4,000 for the trip. 

Well, that's all I can come up!  I hope you are all having a great Friday!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It helps to be compulsive

I get up at the same time each morning, usually a few minutes before my alarm sounds.  I drink coffee, read the paper, walk the dog, bathe, get ready for work.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I ride my bike to work.  Otherwise I drive.  At 10:00 AM I eat my Greek yogurt.  At noon I have lunch.  On Mondays and Fridays I have a small mocha in the afternoon.  On Wednesdays I go out to lunch.  I always go to CafĂ© Yum! and get a small original Yum! bowl and a bag of kettle chips.  I count out 13 chips and staple the bag shut.  I go to church every Sunday.  Saturday morning I clean and afternoons I fold laundry.  I visit my mom every other Sunday afternoon.  I grocery shop every other Thursday evening after work. 

I never have to talk myself into exercising.  It is just part of what I do.  I like my routine.  When I was single I typically ate the same foods day after day.  After a while I'd get tired of something and switch it up a bit.  Some of my favorites were green salad with rice vinegar dressing and five saltine crackers and this yummy red beans and rice chili that they don't make anymore. 

There are certain things I do on certain days of the year.  Holidays have their own traditions, of course.  I always take one of my week's vacation over my birthday and the other one between Christmas and New Years.

I think you get the idea.

I am pretty sure everyone has a routine of some sort or another, but I'm also pretty sure that what I do is a little more extreme than the norm.  I don't think I have OCD or anything like that. What I've come to realize, however, is that in the weight-loss, weight-maintenance game, it helps to be a little compulsive.  I read a lot of blogs where people talk about wanting to work out, wanting to get back to their routine and really struggling to do so.  That's never happened to me.  I don't do a real strenuous work out right now (although I have at various times in the past), but whatever I commit to do, I do.  I'm the best work out buddy in the world!  Actually maybe my dog is the best.  He's so competitive.

So I am calling today, "Embrace Your Compulsiveness" day.  It is a day to celebrate the routine, the mundane, the ritual.  Our ambassador is Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.   

What about you?  Do you have some inner neurosis that helps you stay on track?  Let's hear about it! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Can I keep it? Please?

I've been sick this week.  Some sort of stomach bug.  I missed work part of the day Wednesday and all day Thursday.  I don't usually get stomach sick.  Have you ever seen the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry breaks his no-vomit streak after eating a black and white cookie?  Well believe it or not, my no-vomit streak had lasted from 1989 until Wednesday (not counting alcohol and Lap-band related vomiting).  Yes, that was a 22-year no-vomit streak.

So of course I had to get on the scale this morning.  After all that suffering, I deserve a reward, right?  I've lost 3 lbs. since Tuesday.  Can I keep it?  Please?

See, here's the deal.  The weight I saw this morning is my lowest low since surgery and it is a normal BMI.  I have been hovering about three pounds above a normal BMI for months.  I've always felt that since I was maintaining that number without really working at it, it was the right weight for my body.  I also figure I probably have at least a few pounds of extra, loose skin to factor into the equation. Now I'm sort of wishing I didn't get on the scale.  I'm sure I am dehydrated.  I know I am not going to eat a weight-gaining diet this week, but I probably won't get to keep the loss.

It was nice to see, though.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Forgive me, Blogger, for I have sinned...

It has been at least 20 days since my last post and it was a few weeks between that one and the previous one.  I suck.

I read once that if you keep a blog, you should never apologize for not writing.  Most of your readers don't notice that you're gone unless you draw attention to it.  Hard to believe that you're not all sitting there tapping your fingers, waiting for my next post to publish.  Somehow you've managed to carry on without me.

I see on facebook that BOOBS happened.  I've seen some pictures of all the fabulous attendees.  I'm jealous and I look forward to catching up with everyone lucky enough to go.  I hope to be among them someday.

I've been busy at work and busy with my kids.  Life is pretty good.  As the song says, I can't complain, but sometimes I still do.  My weight stays pretty much the same.  I saw my lowest-low (165) again recently, but I was back to 166 at my last weigh in.  Bah!  Oh well...I'm happy with where I'm at.  One pound doesn't make that much difference really.

The weather is changing in Oregon.  We've had some rain (shocking! I know) and a bit of sun.  Usually October is a cold, dry month.  The leaves are just beginning to turn colors.  We put up the Halloween decorations on Sunday.

My oldest daughter is busy with soccer.  Her team merged with another team so it has been a transition.  I'm thinking of exploring other teams too.  I just don't think this team is using her to her fullest.

You can see why I haven't posted much.  I don't have anything especially interesting to say.  I'll try to come up with something better!