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Thursday, April 19, 2012

You don't write. You don't call...

I read once that if you don't update your blog for awhile, you shouldn't mention it because most people won't notice anyway and really, what's the point of another blog post that says, "I haven't blogged FOREVER!"?

But DANG!  I haven't blogged FOREVER!

What can I say?  I'm busy.  My job is busier from March until October than the rest of the year. 

Plus I don't have much to say.  Things are going pretty well.  My food and exercise has been great.  I'm still up from my lowest low, but all is well.  It will come off when it wants, I guess.  I'm not eating a super low-cal diet - definitely more of a maintenance diet so I am not surprised by the number on the scale.  I'm not overeating. 

I wonder, however, if you guys have any words of wisdom about being tired?  At my last physical, I think the doctor said something about a low potassium level which I see can cause lethargy.  The level was the low side of normal.  I'm thinking I need more bananas or something.  I spend my days yawning even though I get eight hours of sleep each night.  I always get up once or twice to pee, but I usually go back to sleep.  Sometimes I fall asleep while reading or watching TV and it will be like 9:15.  I get up at 6:30 or so (my alarm is set for 6:50, but I seldom sleep that late).  What do you think?