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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vacation was a month ago and I am just now posting


I have a very, very busy job this time of the year.  Things will be quieting down soon, but the last few weeks since I returned from vacation have been CRAZY.

We had a really nice trip.  We traveled from Eugene, Oregon to Orlando, Florida.  We went to Universal Studios to see the Harry Potter lands and it was AMAZING!  I am a complete Harry Potter geek and so are my kids, especially my oldest daughter.  Here are some pictures:

After we did four days at Universal, we rented a car and drove to the Florida Keys.  We stayed in Tavernier in a lovely condo.  The weather was lovely much of the time, but on the two days we tried to go snorkeling, a passing storm and wind respectively thwarted our plans.  This is the closest I got:

We did spend lots of time laying around the pool, shopping, eating, etc.  My youngest (age 12) went swimming with dolphins and my oldest (14) made me go parasailing with her. Here are some pics:

On our last full day, we drove down to Key West.  It was the most beautiful drive I've ever taken.

This was the trip of a lifetime.  I saved money for YEARS to make it happen.  I gained a few pounds while we were away (Key lime pie, anyone?) and unfortunately I am still struggling to drop them.  I think the stress and business of work haven't been my friend.  I am just eating about 200 calories too much each day.  I'm still tracking my food and exercising like always, but I am drinking too many coffee drinks.