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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not where I want to be

I haven't had to work so hard to lose weight since being banded and so far, no progress whatsoever.  WTF?!?!

I thought I was out of the 170's forever, but I am stuck at 174 after gaining about 7 pounds over the holidays.  I reined in my holiday eating right after the first of the year and started logging my food, with no loss.  Since I was logging, I could see that I was eating about 1,800 calories a day which is too much for weight loss so I dropped my calories down to about 1,500.  No loss.  At the same time I was dropping my food down, I increased my protein AND increased my exercise, but I still haven't lost anything. 

So now what?  Jeez!  I swear I didn't work this hard to lose 115 lbs.  During that time I could have done any ONE of the things I've done and seen results.  Just logging my food would have allowed me to make progress.

This SUCKS!!!

I was chatting about it to a friend who had surgery pretty recently and she said, "Well, you know what you need to do.", but the thing is I really don't know what to do.  I am NOT overeating.  I am being honest and putting in the work.  Where the hell are my results?

The ONLY thing that makes sense at this point is to keep plugging away.  I'm not gaining.  Perhaps when the weather gets better and I am more active, things will start moving again on their own (providing, of course, that I keep eating well and logging my food and exercising).  I'm not going to let it fuck with my brain (much) because that is where I really can get into trouble (in my own mind).  When I throw up my hands and say, "Fuck it!  It doesn't matter what I do, so why do anything?" I will start gaining and I do not want to be there again. 

I also will start saving money for a fill.  My restriction is weird.  I know I can eat more than I could previously.  I also am eating more frequently than I probably should.  I am worried about acid reflux, but a very small tweak should be okay (I hope).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reading List Maintenance

A while ago I discovered that I'd exceeded the number of blogs that I could follow, at least according to Blogger.  If you're curious, they allow you to follow 300 blogs.  It is kind of irritating to see that I have a new follower and go to their page and discover that I couldn't follow them back.  So before I forget, if you are following me and I am not following you, please leave your blog address in my comments.

So I started the process of reviewing all of the blogs that I am following.  I'm only on the D's.  Sigh.  I noticed some stupid things about Blogger.  #1 - If a blog no longer exists, I cannot "de-follow" it.  Stupid.  #2 - If a blog has been made private, I have to send an email or some other BS and ask to be allowed to stop following the blog.  Also stupid.  Or maybe I'm the stupid one.  It is possible that I am doing it wrong, especially when you consider that it took me a really long time to figure out why I couldn't add more blogs to my reading list and an even longer time to learn how to stop following blogs.  If you have any tips, I'd appreciate them.

What I really wanted to post about, however, is how it feels to stop following a blog.  Sometimes I chose to stop following because they haven't posted in six  months or two years.  In those cases, their last post was usually something like, "I can't believe how long it has been since I posted!  I am a bad blogger!" (Ya think?) Sometimes the last post was more like, "I am really struggling and need help."  (How did that end?) A couple last posts were, "I had a horrible stuck episode" which left me wondering if they never recovered.  (Can that happen?).  I know blogging isn't for everyone, but as I glanced at the blogs and the last posts of people who had stopped blogging for whatever reason, I felt sad and wished I knew that things were going well for them. 

Then there were blogs that I really wanted to stop following.  People whose blogs I never read because something about them irritated me or we just didn't jive for whatever reason.  A few of the blogs I was following were people who had not had WLS.  They were trying to lose weight through WW or some other method.  When I've read their blog posts, they usually sound like things I could have written a few years ago. ("Everything is great.  I'm following the diet 100%.  I rock!" Followed by, "I slipped up.  I'm going to start again."  And then, "I suck.  I hate myself.")  It isn't that I can't relate or don't empathize with their situation that caused me to de-follow them.  It is more that I spent too much of my life on THAT particular treadmill and I just don't have the energy to do it again.

There were also a couple of blogs (okay maybe just one) that I wanted to un-follow, but I didn't.  At some point the blogger said something that hurt my feelings.  In general I like her blog and can relate to many of the things she talks about, but I can't get past the hurt.  Dumb, right?

And remember, I'm just on the D's!  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of the coolest things about being two years post-op (as of this past Sunday) and being at goal is that every so often, someone acts as if I know a thing or two about weight loss.  I can't lie; it strokes my ego a bit!  Here in Blogland, there is no bigger honor than being featured in the Band Superstars blog.  (The second biggest honor, IMHO, is having Amy W. or Band Groupie comment on something I've written).  I am the February superstar, which is amazing and very flattering.  Thank you, Sandra, for thinking of me and for all of your efforts to keep the Superstar blog going!  You can read all about me right here.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Two years ago yesterday marks the day I took control of my eating and my life and had Lap-band weight loss surgery.  It feels like a life-time ago.  I feel like a different person.  I know I look different on the outside, which is what I originally thought mattered the most, but what I have come to appreciate is how this surgery changed me on the inside. 

Surgery does a pretty good job with the physical part of obesity.  The mental stuff is much harder.  Surgery cannot make us make good food choices or force us to exercise or slap the third cookie out of our hand.  In all the years that I struggled with food, I wanted to be thin, but I didn't want to give up binging and overeating.  I wanted my cake and to eat it too.  Literally.

Proverbial Cake

And then I had weight loss surgery and I realized that what I really wanted was to be healthy.  I quit beating myself up and trying to shame myself into making good choices.  Shame, as it turns out, isn't a great motivator unless you're trying to create resentment and hostility.  I also realized that I could still eat the foods I loved.  Getting and being healthy is not about deprivation.

I have learned so much in the last two years and you guys have been a huge part of my success.  You've given me a sounding board.  You've listened and supported and encouraged.  I know I wouldn't have been so successful without you and I am eternally grateful!   

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Man, I am still dealing with those 6-7 lbs. I gained over the holidays.  I got my eating behavior under control pretty quickly, but I am really eating a maintenance diet at the moment and I need to be eating a weight-loss diet.  I am tracking my food and doing all the right things, except I need to drop my calories down by about 200-300 per day.

And I don't want to!

I like eating the way I'm eating, but I'm not so crazy about those extra pounds!

I've been hoping they'd drop off by magic, but I guess that's not going to happen.  So...

I guess I better decide if I'm happy with where I'm at or if I want to lose those extra EL BEES.

And then I'd better do it.