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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I did a Google image search for the word "obsessed" and this was what I came up with.  It is funny, but doesn't really have much to do with my post.

I am wondering how you know when maybe you've gone off the deep end as far as exercise goes.  Like, how many hours a day is too much?

I actually posed this question to the Psych Evaluator that I saw back in January and he said that as long as exercise doesn't interfere with your life, you can do as much as you want.

So, there you go.

I DO exercise quite a lot.  I work out 1-2 hours per day, every day.  I seldom miss a day.  Maybe a couple of times a year I'll miss a day because I am traveling or sick.  I have always been really active, even when I was fat.  But I keep adding one more activity, one more exercise session.  And then I feel a compulsive NEED to do it all the time.

I don't necessarily exercise with a great deal of intensity every day.  The activity I do most frequently is walk. I walk 30 minutes every morning and every evening.  I also go to the gym twice a week and do 30+ minutes of cardio (elliptical or rowing machine) and lift weights for 30 minutes or so.  Twice a week I ride my bike to work and home.  It is about 7 miles round trip.  I also ride my bike on the weekends for fun. I use Map My Walk to track my activity and I usually travel the equivalent of 7+ miles per day.  I log 12,000 intentional steps per day (so not steps just walking around at work or home - I don't track those, but steps walked on an intentional walk, or miles ridden on my bike).  I should get a fitbit or some other tracking devise and REALLY track my activity just for fun...

...because I am OBSESSED!!!


So things continue to get better on the surgery recovery front from having my Lap Band repositioned back in February, but it has been really difficult.  Much harder than I anticipated.  I announced here recently that I could eat and I was eating without vomiting, but then I had several bad days.  We went to the beach and it was one of those trips were I had to have my fella pull the car over so I could spit up every so often.  Fun.

This is a photo of my oldest daughter and me.  Somehow she has grown taller than me.  I don't know how that even happens.

That's me and my fella.  We had a very nice trip and stayed in an AMAZING condo in Newport, Oregon.  It had a jetted tub, where we spent a good part of the weekend. The view from practically every window was incredible!

The dog and my youngest daughter also had fun!

I had an Upper GI last week and I think everything looked okay.  The technician wasn't alarmed, anyway.  Back in November when they discovered the Band slippage, the technician and radiologist were very alarmed by the images they saw and made a point to tell me how messed up things were, including my stomach, which had herniated through the Band.  This time around they didn't say anything was amiss so I guess everything was okay.  I'm sure my surgeon's office will call me if there is an issue.  I can mostly eat now.  I just need to remember the good Bandster rules and take small bites, chew thoroughly, eat slowly, etc.   When I do those things, I am able to eat pretty much whatever.

I am hoping I don't gain back any of the 20 lbs. that I lost, especially since I bought cute new clothes at the outlet mall in Lincoln City!
Here I am with my mom.  I'm wearing one of my new shirts (Columbia Sportswear - my favorite!).  It is a pretty blue.

So in addition to all this, we've also been busy planning our summer vacation.  We are going to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios and I am unbelievably excited!  We're also going to Key Largo for four days so I can lay on the beach and drink piña coladas.  All I can say is that this is a CRAZY EXPENSIVE trip!  We'll probably have to eat Top Ramen for six months after we get back!



#fatfreefloozy said...

Good morning! Well, it is here anyhow. I'm a bit like you, I NEED my one hour of exercise a day. And if it is a 45 minute class (like Zumba), I feel completely ripped off! My friends that are Cross fitters keep telling me it's about intensity and that I could get better results in 20 mins a day (which appeals to my busy self), but my OCD self says, "one hour, one hour".

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Hey, first of all, you look really great! And the place you stayed in - esp the tub - how gorgeous!! I can totally relate to wanting to keep off the weight you so painfully lost. Sorry to hear you had a few bad days, I've had 4 days in a row of not waking up at night and being able to eat again. So much better and I'm hoping things get much better consistently for you! Glad your upper GI went well! Sounds like you're definitely on your way to your new and better normal!! I am amazed at the amount of working out you manage. That's pretty awesome. I need to get to that place! said...

Glad you are better. I was worried about you post op.

Amy W. said...

Yeah, I would kinda agree with the psych about obsession. The things you described sound more like you have created a lifestyle that is full of physical activity. Biking, walking, etc. But I think a good indicator of any obsession (food, drink, drug, workouts) is if it interferes or impacts your life negatively. Like if you love wants to go to the movies or cuddle but you just have to log 5000 more steps...(just one more hit), or if you are sacrificing other things in your life that could make you happy or are helpful for working out.

Bonnie said...

I loved the image. Gave me a good laugh. I'm so jealous of your upcoming vacations. Must be a great feeling heading into them looking as good as you do. You look great! I wish I could get obsessed with exercise.