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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Me and my mom

So, I am three weeks post-op today from my band relocation.  Is that what they call it?  Who knows. 

I have been struggling to eat and even drink most of the time.  I saw the doctor on Monday morning and she thinks I should be taking the anti-nausea meds (Zofran) still (even though they make me nauseated) and have another upper GI if things don't get better. 

Monday & yesterday were frustrating, so I reluctantly took the anti-nausea meds today and I, amazingly, actually feel pretty good.  I had Taco Bell pintos & cheese for lunch with only one little bout of nausea as I was eating.  It took about two hours after I took the meds to get there, but I have even been able to drink water pretty normally.  I think I will even try to eat something for dinner tonight.  I had been sticking to liquids at night.

I know it seems like, "duh, what the hell is wrong with you?" on the medication issue, but I legitimately thought that the problem was that my band was too tight for food, not that the nausea was the problem.  But since today has been a pretty good day, I am reevaluating my position.

Have any of you ever taken Zofran?  Do you think I should only take it when I am nauseated or should I take it every 12 hours as a preventative measure to avoid the nausea?  I ask because the pharmacist said it works really well for a couple of weeks and then it doesn't work so well.  I can't imagine I will still need it in a couple of weeks, but who knows. 


Beth Ann said...

I've not taken that medication, but I will say after a bout of the stomach flu going around...nausea is the worst. Ugh! Hope you are feeling better!

Move it to lose it! Tales of a tall fat girl said...

I'm sorry the Zofran is not working for you! That must be so frustrating! Hope you start feeling better soon.