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Monday, July 20, 2015


I will be taking a vacation next month and I'm curious, do you take a vacation from your health and fitness goals when you're on vacation?

A friend of mine who is also a My Fitness Pal friend, commented in that forum that she was on vacation and eating like crap and I started to think about it. 

On one hand, I am feeling kind of burnt out and perhaps a vacation from my health and fitness regime would be appropriate.  We will be going to Florida next month to visit Harry Potter world at Universal Studios in Orlando.  I know that the days we are in Orlando, I will get lots and lots of exercise and will be able to eat whatever I want.  It will be a non-issue.  After that, we are renting a car and driving to Key Largo so I can lay on the beach, sipping piƱa coladas for a few days.  We're also going snorkeling and there is probably a gym at our hotel, so I could work out if I wanted to.

But do I want to?

I have had several camping weekends and other little excursions so far this summer and I have stuck to my plan, for the most part.  But the way, occasional deviations is completely acceptable in my health and fitness plan.  Some days I eat too much.  Sometimes when I'm traveling, I can't exercise like I do at home.  But when I'm home, I stick with the general plan.  I HAD been planning to increase my calorie goal from 1,050 net calories (1,050 plus exercise) to 2,000 calories per day so I wouldn't have to see MFP tell me I'd gone over my calorie goal.  That seems pretty easy.  No foods will be off-limits.  I will exercise by walking and standing all day in Orlando and perhaps by incorporating exercise into my beach days if I feel like it.  Or not.  I don't expect to go crazy.

But I must admit there is an allure to just doing what I want and not thinking about it.  What do you guys do while on vacation? 


Amy W. said...

If I travel with Heather, which is kinda rare, taking time off from working out is not REALLY an option. I mean...I could sleep in while she is killing it somewhere, but I like to impress her with my dedication. Lol. But when I was in Austin last week, even after a night of wine drinking, I did get up and workout at 5am...mainly bc I had talked a big game the night before about how I was going to workout and didn't want to be one of those people who talk big and then don't show up. I for sure take vacations from my healthy eating. But my mentality, right or wrong, is that sometimes we have to enjoy ourselves. But I try and make it special ya know? Like go to a local place or eat something that area is famous for. I don't just go to McDonalds. My sister just had batwing surgery and she is freaking out bc she can't workout. I remember thinking the same thing when I had my boobs done, but reading up on things, taking a week off of working out can actually be good for your body. So they say. said...

I'm struggling with retirement where every day feels like a vacation. Clearly I have to change that mind set or I will be packing on the pounds. I just recommitted to working out - you would think it would be easy since I'm retired. That's what I thought too but - the more time you have the more time you waste.
Enjoy the vacation,