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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wait, what?

Apparently I do not know how old I am.  I made some changes to my blog and said I was 42 (see above).  I am actually 41.

So, I saw my Lap Band surgeon last week and the band is staying put for a while.  I am okay with this.  Although it has slipped out of position, I am not currently having any complications and I would much rather be banded than bandless BUT...

...I am kind of pissed off at my surgeon.  First of all, the way I found out that the band had slipped was by asking how the UGI came out.  No one got in touch with me until I sent an email asking if everything was okay.  Then they told me it was NOT okay, the band had slipped.  Then they tried to get insurance authorization for the revision to the sleeve, which was denied.  Removing the band was authorized.  So then they call me and make a pre-op appointment.  And then I meet with the surgeon and he acts like I am wasting his time by coming in because I was not currently having symptoms.  He asked why I had the UGI (which his office ordered) and I have to tell him that I was sick for five or sick weeks after the last surgery to which he responds, "Well, maybe you had a virus."  Wait, what?  I had lap band repositioning surgery and was sick every time I ate or drank for three weeks and every time I ate for 5-6 weeks BECAUSE I HAD A VIRUS???  And also he has my UGI results that show the band is out of position, but THAT couldn't have possibly been the problem. 


Since I am not having any problems, I wasn't really planning to have the band removed, but then I learned that insurance would probably never cover a revision unless my BMI increased.  Also my insurance will be changing next month, probably to a crappy cover-nothing policy.  I explained these things to the surgeon and he pretty much ignored me.

So whatever. 

The thing is, I'm really not unhappy to be keeping my band.  The idea of life without it was kind of terrifying. 

This is kind of stupid, but another thing that happened at the surgeon's office that pissed me off was that the resident was talking to me about what was going on and he said I looked great after having lost the 20 lbs. since surgery (I looked great before too, asshat) and he also asked me if I was still working out two or three times a week.  WHAT??? I work out two or three times A DAY, every day and I am sure it is in my chart.  I've always been active, even when I was fat. 

I feel like neither of them, the surgeon or the surgical residence, bothered to do more than skim my file.  They also couldn't show me the films from the UGI, although the surgeon said the slip wasn't bad. 


FritoBandito said...

Oh wow. Are there any other options for you as far as service providers? This guy sounds horrible! Fortunately you aren't in the active weight loss phase portion so you (hopefully) don't have to deal with him or this office much, but wow...they are just not good.

When I was looking to get banded I was seen by a surgeon whose bedside manner was so unbelievably horrible that I had to find a different provider. I just knew I couldn't deal with that particular human being on a regular basis for the rest of my life. He still makes me angry when I think about him and it was 4.5 years ago now.

I'm glad you get to keep your band for now. But just be careful. With that slip I think those symptoms could potentially reoccur at any time. I had a band "tilt" (not a slip) that would cause me to get stuck randomly. It self-corrected with time and being very nice to my tummy.

SuperMegaAnna said...

Just a warning.... from what I understand a slip can be very dangerous even if you have no symptoms. A slip can easily turn into an erosion, that is why my surgeon was in a hurry to get my band out when it slipped even though I was not able to have a revision at the same time.

Bonnie said...

I agree with above. I understand why you are hesitant to have the band removed, but from what I've heard, slips are no joke. said...

I think you need a new surgeon too. He wasn't alarmed when you threw up for five weeks post op and now he makes you feel "stupid" about a test he ordered that showed a band complication. Please be very aware of any changes and find someone you trust and can work with before you have an emergency. I'm even more disgusted if he initially raised the alarm to scare you into more surgery but reversed his opinion when he found out that it would not be paid for. The other possibility is that he has no idea what his staff tells patients about their test results. He should have called you himself initially about the band slippage. So frustrating.

Rhonda said...

What a turd of an office, they can't be bothered to read your file to remember a dang thing about you - why you had the procedure done, how much you exercise, etc.