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Friday, June 12, 2015

My broken brain

You know that thing where you can't even hardly stand the thought of talking to one more person and you just want to go home and crawl under the covers?  The one where something shitty happened and it's all you can think of all week and it keeps running through your mind and makes you want to cry or scream or quit and run away?  Do you know what I am talking about?

Yeah, that thing.

That things SUCKS. 

5 comments: said...

Yup. I totally had that kind of week. I considered staying in bed all week but didnt. Life goes on. We get up and we put one foot in front of the other and the bad day becomes a better day. Swimming helps.
I hope today is better,

Bonnie said...

Hope you are feeling better. My husband has been working out of town a lot - which is unusual - and I really miss him. I feel like crappy mood has pretty much been my setting for weeks. I feel ya!

MandaPanda said...

Hi! I didn't realize you had created a different blog so I'm REALLY late to the game. Honestly, it may not have made a difference as I haven't been checking in as often. It seems blog world got too quiet and I didn't like reading about successful people with the band when mine failed but didn't like reading about all the failed bands either. LOL. I'm a mess! Anyway…a couple thoughts as I read through your recent posts. 1) You look fabulous! 2) Your surgeon's office sucks and if possible, you should try to find a new one that actually pays attention or at least reads your chart notes. 3) I'm sorry shitty stuff happened that you couldn't shake off. I hate when that happens.

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