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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weight loss/relationship survery

I received an email from a PhD candidate who asked me to spread the word about a survey she is conducting for her dissertation.  The topic is on how our partners can sabotage weight loss efforts.  Here's the email she sent and a link to the survey if you'd like to participate:

Hi, Amanda,

I recently found your blog, Amanda's Waning, and I'm wishing you much success with your fitness goals (and steering clear of the Frosted Mini Wheats). 
Anyway, congrats on your overall success with WLS!  I'm writing you because I'm involved in research that some of your contacts might find interesting.  (Below, I've included a Sample Announcement, Tweet and Full Study Info for your review.  Also, here's a link describing my study on a blog post by an obesity medicine doctor, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff:

I'm completing my PhD in clinical psychology at Clark University where I've been primarily trained in couples therapy.  I also recently completed my pre-doctoral internship in health psychology at Duke University Medical Center.  I've heard so many people's stories of frustration and anguish with their partners who "just keep getting in the way" by doing all sorts of things from buying the wrong foods at the grocery store, nagging to go to a restaurant where the favorites are all high-calorie and off-program, or by begging them not to exercise right now and do something sedentary instead.

I decided that this was exactly how I could combine my interests in couples therapy and health psychology.  For my dissertation, I am developing an anonymous, online survey to assess for partner undermining of weight loss.  I'd really appreciate your help spreading the word about my study as I think this is a very worthwhile and important study that could help health care professionals better understand their patients' barriers to weight loss.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Amanda G. Harp, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate
Clinical Psychology
Clark University
Worcester, MA


Justawallflower said...

hmm, interesting. I think I will check out the link. Thanks for sharing!

Sam said...

I got the same email. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Will have to have a look!

Ronnie said...

I got the same e-mail. Obviously, she hasn't read my blog or she'd know I'm single. (Although, she did add a little personal detail to mine, too... about hoping my kids get better soon. lol)

I guess I could check it out anyway, cuz I have friends that try to sabotage me as well!