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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Freak Out

That title means nothing.  I just wanted a word that started with the letter "F" to go along with the word Friday.  Sorry if I got you all sucked in for nothing!

Speaking of strange titles, my daughters are going to a Halloween party tonight called a Halloween Shakedown.  I always thought a "shakedown" was something involving some guy named Fat Tony and the threat of broken thumbs. 

I've been keeping busy at work.  As many of you know, I am a wildly successful Property Manager.  I live in a mansion and make $100,000 a week.  I drive my cars one time only and then give the keys to some homeless dude.  It is a fabulous life! 

If only, right?

The only true statements in the previous paragraph are that I have been keeping busy and I'm a property manager.  I actually work for a company and have my own little baby company that I hope will someday employ me full-time so I can quit my day job.  That's if the blogging gig doesn't take off, and I'm not holding my breath.  My baby company is also a property management (follow the link to "like" us on facebook) company.  One of the things we've done for the last several years is rent out rooms at a sorority house when there are track and field events in Eugene, Oregon.  We just started on the 2012 Olympic Track & Field Trials which will be held at historic Hayward Field on the campus of the University of Oregon.  Most of the hotels in Eugene are already booked so we are hoping for a successful event.  In fact, I'm hoping to make enough money to take my kids to Disneyland next summer. 

I also have a couple of houses and apartments that people can rent.  Here's one of the houses that is available if you're curious.  I haven't decided what to charge yet. 

What a boring post this is.

My weight remains the same.  My food is pretty good, although I had to reign in some overeating earlier this week.  Nothing sounded good to eat except fast food and eating out for lunch.  That got expensive.  So I'm back to packing my lunch and sticking to the plan. 

So what else?  I really want to take my kids to Disneyland this summer!  We went in 2005, but my youngest was only a year and half so she has no memory.  Next summer they'll be 11 and 9 which is probably the perfect age!  But DAMN that is an expensive place to go!  I think we need at least $4,000 for the trip. 

Well, that's all I can come up!  I hope you are all having a great Friday!



Amanda said...

Good luck with your prop mang comp..I liked typing that! I liked you on FB.

It is insane how much family vacations can be and I don't even have kids!!!

Kenda said...

Hey chick, hows about passing your next one drive car me way? lol. I though that was funny. I'm so proud of you and you know who for getting your company going. It's going to grow to be a big successful grown up company. lol.

Way to go with reigning in on the fast food and overeating! That's awesome. Again, very proud of you. Keep up the good work!

One of these days I'll stop being such a stranger and come visit ya'll... gotta wait for the finances to straighten out first.

Andrea said...

Good luck with your new business! I'm sure your girls are hoping you do good too! :)

MandaPanda said...

You look great! I hope the business stuff pans out for you. You're due for some good luck!

We want to take our kids to Disneyland this summer too but I'm not sure if the money will work out. It's definitely not a cheap trip.

Band Groupie said...

Sounds like a great business plan and you're just the girl to do it!

Disney...too jealous! Isn't it nice to have something fun to look forward to?!!

Stephanie said...

I am in love with the Gamma Phi Beta house on the Univ of Oregon campus. I hope you have luck with your rentals, although i am very curious to know which sorority is letting you rent out space!!