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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Have you had Lap Band revised to the Sleeve? Please advise...

Have you had your Lap Band revised to the Sleeve?  If so, did you have a normal BMI at the time?  Did you have comorbidities?

I ask because I had a conversation today with the woman in my surgeon's office who applies for insurance authorization.  She thinks that even with another insurance company (my current insurance will be changing in July), I wouldn't be approved because my BMI is 22.8 and I have no health problems. 

So it kind of seems like I should just have it removed now, but I really want to hear your experiences too. 

I am freaking out. 


SuperMegaAnna said...

I had this exact situation. My BMI was too low when I had my Lap Band removed. I had to gain 40+ lbs and do the 6 month diet to get my insurance company to approve my sleeve. It was totally ridiculous, however, still worth it. Your BMI is much lower than mine was though. I think I was at a 30 when I had my Lap Band removed. You would have way more weight to gain. said...

It's ridiculpus to make people gain weight to get approval for revision surgeries. I gained 20 pounds to get to BMI 35 and I have comorbidities so there were no questions. Actually I gained that weight on my own with my "yippy I can eat again" mentality. Good luck Amanda

Darlin1 said...

You are in my thoughts!