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Friday, June 1, 2012

What's fair is fair

I have two jobs.  I work full-time for a company and I also own my own company with my sister.  My sister is also an employee of the company that I work for.  I love her very much.  She's a good sister and I even like working with her.


I do WAY more of the work than she does.

WAY more.

The Olympic Track & Field Trials will be held in Eugene, Oregon later this month.  One of the things that we've done since 2008 is work with a sorority house on the campus of the University of Oregon to book their rooms for various track and field events, including the Olympic Trials.  This is a client of our own company (not the one for which we are employees).  I have done 80% of the bookings and work for this event.  At least 80%.  Maybe more.  Is it wrong to think that I should get more than half the proceeds from the event?  Actually I don't think I should get paid more than she does.  I just think it isn't fair.

We also have several clients that we work for on a year-round basis.  Last year we had two clients, but we added three new clients around the first of the year.  ALL of the new people, all of them, were people that I have relationships with.  They are all people who signed on because of me.  I'm also the only one who is licensed to do the work we do (property management) so I have to deal with all the government BS for licensing and following the many, many rules they have about how things are done.  I have to complete 30 hours of continuing education every two years. 

She has been trying to step up in the accounting and other work that we have to do.  I guess I'd just like some appreciation that she is reaping rewards that are not necessarily in line with how much work she does.  I doubt she sees that.

I also do more at the company we work for as employees.  I wish I could say that to our boss sometimes.  I know that he appreciates me and probably that he recognizes that I do more work and am a more reliable employee.  Maybe a nice raise or a bonus would help :)

BTW we are going to Disneyland later this summer.  The trip is mostly being paid for with funds earned from the Olympic Track & Field bookings at the sorority.  I'm excited!


Cat said...

I can completely sympathize with your feelings on this issue. I like to say that "I'm not one who cares that much about money or what other people make..." but honestly I guess I am because we work for a government organization our salaries are public record. I know that I truly am the second to bottom paid person in our department and it ticks me off because I am a reliable employee and my boss often asks me to head things up because she knows she can count on me to not only get it done, but do it well and in a timely manner. Also - my boss is trying to get me more money, however she cannot make the higher ups just give me more money, there is a process that has to be gone through and her boss wants to wait to start that process until other matters are straightened out in our department.

Tina said...

Hey Amanda..I am feeling somewhat the same way. I think it is normal to get to goal and fill your life with other stuff.

Perhaps the key is to have this blog evolve into others things (kind of like you have done with the past two posts)...I will let you know when I figure it out though :)


Lonicera said...

I always find it interesting when you talk about your work and your family relationships, I can identify with that. My experience at work is that bosses give work to busy people because they know they will slot it in because they're better organised. They're also more willing, and therefore less likely to ask for more money. So I have to conclude that hard workers are taken advantage of both ways. These days my focus is what makes me happy (writing, taking photographs) and at work to do what I'm asked and no more.
What activity really makes you happy (that can be blogged that is)?? If money was no object, what would you do with yourself?

Lonicera said...

How was Disneyland?

Sarah G said...

You can't still be at Disney.....shoot us an update, please. :)

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