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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I hope you'll check out my very first "follower" Diane's blog.

She had her lapband surgery last Fall and has already dropped two pants sizes. I really enjoy her blog and hope you will too!


Bonnie said...

I think that the link between hunger and food has gotten blurred for a lot of us, hence the obesity epidemic. I wouldn't beat yourself up. You've done something about it and that's what important.

Jacquie said...

Hi Amanda! Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing yourself. I too am having my surgery at Hospital Angeles and my surgeon in Dr. Kuri. What are you planning on doing for your follow-up and fills? I had such a hard time finding a doctor in FL who would see "foreign patients". I felt so discriminated against! Anyway, good luck with your journey and I plan on sticking around to cheer you on!